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Coin/TokenEquivalent ValueAPY
ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD (APY) indicates the total amount of interest you earn on a deposit account over one year, assuming you do not add or withdraw funds for the entire year. APY includes your interest rate and the frequency of compounding interest, which is the interest you earn on your principal plus the interest on your earnings. As you can see, APY takes into account several factors to give you a big-picture view of your earning potential..
Day LockupAmount Lockup
TONS Thisoption600 TUSD 36.00% 90355.62 TONS
TONS Thisoption1,000 TUSD 60.00% 120592.70 TONS
TONS Thisoption2,000 TUSD 84.00% 1501,185.40 TONS
TONS Thisoption5,000 TUSD 108.00% 1802,963.49 TONS
TONS Thisoption10,000 TUSD 144.00% 2405,926.98 TONS
TONS Thisoption20,000 TUSD 180.00% 36011,853.96 TONS
* TONS/TUSD current price: 1.6872
why tons staking?

Why TONS Staking?

• You may think of staking as a less resource-intensive alternative to mining. It involves holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the security and operations of a blockchain network. Simply put, staking is the act of locking cryptocurrencies to receive rewards

• In most cases, you’ll be able to stake your coins directly from your crypto wallet, such as Trust Wallet. On the other hand, many exchanges offer staking services to their users. Extons Staking lets you earn rewards in an utterly simple way – all you have to do is hold your coins on the exchange. More on this later.

• To get a better grasp of what staking is, you’ll first need to understand how Proof of Stake (PoS) works. PoS is a consensus mechanism that allows blockchains to operate more energy efficiently while maintaining a decent degree of decentralization (at least, in theory). Let’s dive into what PoS is and how staking works.


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